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KCI Partners, Inc. is dedicated to helping healthcare companies and providers make fact-based decisions. Supporting this objective, the company focuses on providing strategic market research, consulting and planning services for our medical device, pharmaceutical and provider clients. We have over three decades of leadership roles in the healthcare industry, and we've earned valuable respect among key physician opinion leaders. We are dedicated to staying abreast of technological and clinical developments.
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Our strategic market research services employ the most sophisticated technologies and
leverage our extensive clinical understanding to help clients make important decisions

  We have a superlative panel of international key opinion leaders and high volume physicians
  Conjoint analysis and other statistical applications are core to our expertise
Through our consulting services, KCI works with clients to:
  Make rational investment and acquisition decisions supported by strategic financial analysis
  Identify business opportunities which leverage core competencies or distribution organizations
  Improve sales and operational efficiencies 
  Develop analytical tools, models, processes and benchmarks
Our planning services assist clients to:
  Develop winning strategic, business, and marketing plans
  Design effective compensation and associated forecasts, quotas and tracking methodologies
  Optimize resources devoted to highest valued activities