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As opportunities in the international healthcare market are growing, KCI keeps pace by providing market research, strategic planning, operational assessments, and implementation assistance to hospital based international programs. Experience is primarily in the US, European, Canadian, Caribbean, and Latin America marketplaces. KCI helps generate millions in revenue by providing guidance and
real-time contacts with providers, insurers, third party administrators, preferred provider networks, assistance companies, air ambulance companies, and medical escort companies.

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Results Oriented
KCI will provide recommendations for immediate improvement
and detailed paths to success

Conducting feasibility studies and market research to select and focus revenue priorities and develop strategic business plans
Developing branding strategies and marketing programs for international healthcare initiatives
Developing 24/7 VIP and concierge hospitality services
Leading or consulting on strategic planning, business development, marketing, pricing and contracting strategies, business operations, medical operations, technology implementation, and medical tourism
Providing in-country assistance in identifying and partnering with medical advisors and in-country healthcare facilities to provide referrals
Providing on-site assistance and mentoring with implementation of work plans
Developing focused hospital case management programs that maximize relationships with TPA’s, insurance companies, physicians and other partner providers
Assisting in selecting and partnering with physician practices for the international healthcare market
Implementing educational and training programs
Improving target marketing such as development of websites for the international market
Developing analytical tools, models, processes and benchmarks
Assisting in human resource management (e.g., developing job descriptions, recruitment,
team building, etc.)